Best Selling Weight Loss Shake


Genetically Modified Free

Diet Whey Protein is the perfect daily meal replacement protein shake to help achieve a lean physique.

Only 120 calories per serving

Low in carbohydrates

Low in fat


  • Diet Whey Protein is low in fat, low in sugar and carbohydrates and packed with protein.


    Who Should Take Diet Whey Protein?
    Diet Whey Protein is an ideal meal replacement shake for anyone trying to effectively manage their weight, improve body tone, and enhance their physique as part of a high protein diet and exercise regime.


    Why should you take Diet Whey Protein?


    22g of Time-Released Protein

    • Protein Contributes to the growth maintenance and development of normal bones
    • Protein leads to the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass


    Glutamine Peptides (5000mg per serving)

    • Glutamine is most abundant non essential free amino acid in muscle cells
    • Peptides allow for faster absorption


    CLA (Conjugated Linoic Acid) - 667mg per serving

    • Naturally occurring free fatty acid found in small doses in foods such as beef and cheese
    • Derived from natural Safflower oil


    Acai Berry Extract - 333mg per serving

    • Very high in natural anti-oxidants, 
    • Very high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), 
    • Very high in iron and the vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E


    Green Tea Extract - 333mg per serving

    • Great source of caffeine and catechins
    • Catechins are great for immune system support